Helena has written concepts, produced storyboards, created social media posts, event descriptions, program notes, biographies and descriptions for artists, membership newsletters, blog posts, conference papers, briefs, evaluations, academic essays, partnership requests, interview questions, and scripts. She is adept at formatting She also writes short stories, comics, and zines. Helena’s education includes upper level courses in mass communication, rhetoric, and creative writing.


An image of the article preview on the Mission Environmental Stewardship blog, with background iamge of forest slope in blue tones
Commissioned by Mission Environmental Stewardship Society: ‘Getting out in the Field, asking New Questions’
Event description and call for participants, written for the Milieux Sound Environments Workshop series
A short article discussing perspectives on spatial phenomenology, researched through the prisms of place, self, and sound
Slide presentation about pedagogy of place (graduate level studies in environmental communication)
Materials written for Vancouver New Music Spring Soundwalk
Zine work for Tidal Signal electronic sound festival
Zine work for Alterations & Repairs alternative media arts exhibit