Portfolio (page in progress)

Sound and Radio Arts

“Ghost Story Commute” (18min58): 2020
Narrative sound art commissioned by Arts Assembly
* Self-produced, recorded, edited, mixed/mastered
* Spoken word, field recording, soundscape composition, archival footage 

“East Vancouver Dispatch: Ecotones and Subsistence Zones” (7min49): 2020
Audio Essay for the Journal of Design and Culture special issue: COVID-19 Materialities
* Self-produced, recorded, edited, mixed/mastered
* Narration, field recording, soundscape composition, archival footage

“Circulating the Big O” (15min23): 2016
Audio Essay for Echoes and Reflections: A Co-located Soundmapping Exchange
* Self-produced, recorded, edited, mixed/mastered
* Narration, field recording, soundscape composition, archival footage

Vancouver Housing Stories Podcast (Vancouver Tenants Union, VIVO Media Arts Centre)

* Directed the storytelling series and audio mentorship program on tenant experiences with renting in Vancouver
* Supported storytellers with all aspects of production
* Conducted interviews with tenants on location and in studio
* Recorded ambient footage/b-roll
* Prepared rough footage (cleaning, tagging, rough cuts, anonymization as needed)
* Composed intro, outro, and transition music
* Mixed and mastered for anthology compilation
* Produced and created stand-alone segments (including all sound design):
Art vs. Art Washing (co-produced with Sydney Ball) (2019)
Leaving is Not an Option (“I Cannot Die in My Apartment” from 0:00 – 19:35) (2019)
Community & Self-Determination (“Alice Saunders Seniors” from 19:40 – end) (2019)

Audio Repair and Cutting for Vancouver Tenants Union Mount Pleasant Chapter

* Deep repairs to footage (original interview recorded in an active Amazon Warehouse!)
* Sentence-level editing for authority (at speaker’s request)
* Compiled segments according to script
* Sentence-level editing for time constraints

* Is It My Worth? (2020)
* When They Bought This Place, They Bought Our Lives (2020)
* Why Not Spare a Little Bit? (2020)

Radio Segments

Brett Ashleigh Profile: Sonic Conventions in Pornography (14min10) (2019)
Interview produced for the Soundscape Show on Vancouver Co-op Radio
* Conducted interview, recorded, edited, mixed/mastered
* On-location interview

Find more radio activity in the archives of the Soundscape Show

Mentorship and Production Support

Nuxalk Radio and Our World Language: Audio Storytelling Mentorship (Bella Coola) (2021)
Podcast mentorship: audio dramaturgy, recording techniques, participant support with audio repair, editing, mixing, and mastering

Still Creek Salmon Sounds
(VIVO Media Arts, Vancouver) (2018)
Audio composition, environmental field recording mentorship: audio dramaturgy, editing techniques, participant support with composition, editing, mixing

Film Sound

Live action and voice over recording, post production, special effects and sound design for Frank Theatre’s film-theatre hybrid, “Belonging” (2020)

Current Projects:

Megaphone Voices of the Street Podcast (in development, Vancouver) Podcast mentorship: Recording techniques, podcast scripting, audio dramaturgy

The Institutional Remains Podcast
(in development, Ottawa) Production roles: Production consultant, editing and repair, sound design with provided footage, mixing and mastering