Writing Helena writes short stories and multimedia fiction. She has studied mass communication, rhetoric, and  advertising. Her writing experience includes: academic work, boilerplate, critical feedback, synthesis, artist biographies, grant applications, newsletters, blog posts, promotional material, social media, interviews, presentations, briefs, reports, and audio scripts.

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An image of the article preview on the Mission Environmental Stewardship blog, with background iamge of forest slope in blue tones
Commissioned by Mission Environmental Stewardship Society: ‘Getting out in the Field, asking New Questions’
A short guide to the Soundscape Show’s  episode on soundmapping, with links and project descriptions
Event description and call for participants, written for the Milieux Sound Environments Workshop series
A short article discussing perspectives on spatial phenomenology, researched through the prisms of place, self, and sound
Slide presentation about pedagogy of place (graduate level studies in environmental communication)
Zine work for Tidal Signal electronic sound festival
Zine work for Alterations & Repairs alternative media arts exhibit

Composition Recent multimedia compositions investigated place, infrastructure, narrative urges, and imagination. Techniques have focused on field recording, sound-making, and digital processing.

I Dreamt This Was My Home by Helena Krobath (Feminist Media Studio, Concordia)
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Oh My Mother (narrative soundscape)

Circulating the Big O: collaborative soundwalking, field recording, soundscape composition, photography. Read discussion

If You Lived Here: electroacoustic soundwalk and poetic exploration of space, time, friendship, and gentrification. Read discussion

Invisible Port: An audio essay and prototype with sonification. Read discussion

(c) Plesias Argiris/MarineTraffic.com

Flags of Convenience collaboration: article by Danica Evering

Field recordings at SoundCloud 

Photography Discovering still life and diorama; playing with texture, colour, and lighting;  documenting events and environments. (Please ask about digital use or printing.)

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Paint/Ink/Pencil. Helena’s visual art practice informs her research and multi-sensory storytelling. She has developed painting and drawing techniques through classes and private practice with oil, ink, watercolour, and coloured pencils.

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For campaigns and outreach, Helena has imagined prototypes; streamlined communications; researched and presented information; produced illustrations, layouts, video interviews, and other content.

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Multimedia Campaign Prototype: Known and Grown (eating local)

Narration and Illustration samples from Known and Grown

a description of the student event about online experiences and identity
Facebook write-up for MDD Student Collaboratory

Zines and Posters